MEEPLECON is India’s FIRST and ONLY event dedicated to BOARDGAMES …. And No, we are not talking only about Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Clue or Scrabble. Most people have spent time at some point in our lives with family or friends playing boardgames – some enjoy the social aspects of playing games; others play games because they like competition and strategizing. MEEPLECON is about the same concept, but on a much larger scale. Here, there will typically be more than 100 different board games, card games, and other styles of games that people gather to play – strategy games, party games, word games, role-playing games, social deduction games, fantasy and sci-fi themes games, economic games, war games, team building and negotiation games and many more.

There will also be a dedicated KidZone featuring new and innovative games for the younger children which are both – fun to play, as well as learning and development tools.

In addition, there will be Tournaments and Scheduled gameplay events, Exhibitors selling their products as well as Game designers demoing their games.

This is a great place to play games all day. It’s a fun and super convenient way to be introduced to dozens of new games and to get a chance to play them. Meet new people while playing games, and even make a few new friends.

At MEEPLECON, you will get to experience Boardgames from across the world – and for all age groups!!!

From Civilisation building games to fantasy or sci-fi themed games, from war games to economic games, from negotiation games to deduction games from grand level strategy games to tactical games, from games based on popular novels and films to lighter party or family games, from childrens’ games to games for teenagers to games for the whole family or adults, from short 15 minute party games to games that can take 2+ hours to play – games based on every possible theme that you can think of – we aim to bring all this to MEEPLECON. The games have players employing skills such as deductive reasoning, resource optimization, bluffing, dexterity, abstract thinking, strategic as well as tactical analysis, and improvisation to win games.

Imagine a space empire building game offering a nice mixture of exploring, building, development and combat.. or imagine a game about power in the corporate world where you increase your influence by hiring your employees, controlling specific departments and even bribing your way to the Board of Directors and the Chairman of the company.

Or take a trip back to 1960, where you take on the role of one of the great protagonists – Richard Nixon or John F Kennedy – vying to lead America through an era of turbulent change.

You can even be the hero or heroine in a story of adventure in the Tales of the Arabian Nights just like those told by Scheherazade to her spellbound sultan! You can renact the entire Lord of the Rings battle between the Fellowship and the Shadow, you can play The Game of Thrones leading your favourite House (Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, etc) to dominate the land of Westeros or the various battles in World War II or fantasy battles between elves, dwarves and orcs.

Because they were not available in India till now. At MEEPLECON, you will not only get to play these games, but you will also be able to buy them at attractive prices from our registered sellers.

It is a common myth easily eroded by an easy search on google and the niche hobby it has become worldwide. In fact most of the strategy games available here are ideally suited for adults and teenagers – primarily due to the depth of gameplay involved.

In today’s life of routine with limited avenues for recreation, these games are a much needed “social” activity to bring variety and break the monotony. As a social activity, it helps parents connect with kids and spend time with them, brings something “new to do” for friends to get together over the weekends, and even helps couples to spend time with each other by sharing a hobby.

As such, it is not a “costly” hobby, and can be viewed as a social, fun, creative as well as educational hobby – depending on your interest.

Apart from the fun and social aspect of board gaming, it can also be used as a learning and development tool across many areas – team building, negotiation skills, optimization skills, decision making, resource planning and allocation, communication skills, etc. Also, many games expand the knowledge of a person across diverse areas like Math, History and Geography.

For example, the game “1960: the making of the President” gives a broad overview of the USA election system. “Through the ages – a story of civilization” makes the player aware of the various technological advances right from the stone age to modern times, and the great people – scientists, military leaders, political leaders, religious leaders, etc. – who have shaped our world.

Many of these games develop and hone the communication, cognitive and problem solving skills, and teaches people “healthy” forms of competition. It also sensitizes people on the acceptance of loss, especially for those who don’t like to lose in a competitive environment.

MEEPLECON is all about Boardgames. There will be more than 100 different games being played at MEEPLECON. The goal is to create a fun event which will appeal to families and the general public as well as the enthusiast.

You can look around the exhibitors’ stalls, try out any games you wish in the gaming zones, join in with the tournaments, register and take part in the scheduled events or simply participate in the free games being hosted throughout the day.

There is no need to know the rules -JUST WALK UP AND ASK TO JOIN IN. Our hosts and hostesses will teach you how to play!

This will have games suitable for the younger kids. Award winning games like Loopin Louie, Animal Upon Animal, Chicken Cha Cha Cha, My First Carcassonne and Junior Catan. To know more about some of these games, click here.

This zone will have more than 100 different boardgames, card games and roleplaying games. This will include party games, group games, social deduction games and light and medium strategy games. To know more about some of these games, click here.

We will have a host of different tournaments throughout the day, with exciting prizes.
Certain games and events will also be scheduled at specific times, and will have limited spots for participation. To know more about this and to reserve a spot, click here.