Go Tournament

Welcome to the 1st India Open Go Tournament

India Open Go Tournament

Time and Date:
19th February 2023
Phoenix Kurla Mall, Dublin Square

Round 1 - 11am - noon
Round 2 - Noon - 1 pm
Round 3 - 2 pm - 3 pm
Round 4 - 3 pm - 4 pm


  • Games will be played on a standard 19×19 board.
  • Japanese rules will be used with no handicaps.
  • Pairings will be made up before each match.
    Timing: 15m+3*30s.
  • The black player will use a go clock app on their phone while in flight mode during the        game.
  • No-Show Opponents Players have 15 minutes to show up for their game after the                start of the round. If they do not show up in 15 minutes, they will receive a bye-loss.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of the convention.

The tournament has no entry fees but an entry ticket to the convention is required.

Find out more about "Association of Indian go players" at http://aigp.org.in/

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